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Creating the Philatelic Exhibit Synopsis

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The new book by Grand Award winning exhibitor Andrew McFarlane

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A Master Class in creating this important part of your exhibit.

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Creating the Philatelic Exhibit Synopsis       

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The philatelic synopsis is the short document given to the philatelic judges in advance of a stamp show to help them prepare to judge the exhibit. This often misunderstood and underrated document can dramatically shape how an exhibit is received by the judges and can have a big effect on an exhibitor’s medal level. This book describes, with full color examples, how to provide judges with what Andrew calls a “guided tour”: an in-depth description of the exhibit, section by section, giving the judges an understanding of the exhibit and how the pieces fit together.

While the content of an exhibit and its synopsis are what matters the most, how that information is presented to the viewer can be is just as critical. It helps to think of “presentation” not just in the visual sense, but also how the overall message is conveyed.

Andrew McFarlane is one of the most skilled practitioners in the preparation of synopsis documents in the United States philatelic exhibiting community. This book is a must have for philatelic exhibitors.

Paperback with full color illustrations, 118 Pages
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Using the Guided Tour Effectively
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